Events Messen

Näsbyholm Castle 2016


02.04. – 03.04.2016 – "Holiday and more"

Exhibition for Holidays, Travelling around the World



30.04. – 01.05.2016 – "Power of Flower"

Exhibition for all around the Garden



26.05. – 29.05.2016 – "Caravan, Camping & Fritid"



18.06. – 19.06.2016 – "Horses and more"



28.07. – 31.07.2016 – "Skåne Båt"

Boats and all around the Water (Sport)



27.08. – 28.08.2016 – "Antic Fair"



24.09. – 25.09.2016 – “The hard Side”

Tools, Cars, Bikes, Mechanic, Technic etc.



29.10. – 30.10.2016 – “The soft Side”

Beauty, Cosmetic, Fashion, Furniture etc.



05.11. - 06.11.2016 - Näsbyholms´ Bröllopsmässa

(Wedding Fair Näsbyholm)



25.11. – 27.11.2016 – "Fun for Kids"

Everything for Children: Toys, Fashion, Furniture etc.



10.12. – 11.12.2016 – Christmas Market (Julmarknad)



28.01. – 29.01.2017 – Food

Specials from around the World



Description ”The soft Side” and "The hard Side"


In Germany we would say ”Fair for the woman” but this is not correct for Sweden.

Here it is ok for a woman that she likes cars and bikes and tools and “she can” build houses.

The same is with men. They are allowed to like nice things, they are stylish, like Fashion, Juwels and their Parfum is wonderful and fresh.


I´m so faszinated of the people here in Sweden that I decided to say “Thank You for how you are” with this two exhibitions. So “the soft Side” is for Cosmetics, Fashion, Shoes, Juwels, modern Furniture, Fitness, Decoration for the house and so on.


“The hard Side” is the other side of Life. Cars, Bikes, Tools, Building Stuff, Sport, technical Stuff and so on.


So be a part of our exhibitons.